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We are Houston's premier computer and IT recycler, recycling large quantities of surplus and used computer and electronics equipment from all across the United States.

Computer Recycling

Houston Computer Recycling tries to find a use for all the equipment that we take in. If the equipment is end of life it will be broken down and recycled in accordance with EPA, state and federal guidelines.

Data Erasure & Destruction

We offer detailed serialized inventory, and hard drive erasure and data destruction (COD) that give our clients a high level of comfort throughout the removal process.

Professional Removal & De-Installation

Houston Computer Recycling will ensure that all equipment and materials are handled in an EPA approved, legal, responsible, and environmentally sound manner

IT Equipment Recycling

We recycle large orders of IT Equipment, including: PC's, servers, laptops, monitors, networking, IT, medical devices, telecom, headsets, and many unusual types of electronic and communications equipment.

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